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Last Minute Tips for Bak and Dreyfoos Auditions!

The auditions for Bak and Dreyfoos are under way or fast approaching, and as a 17-year veteran Bak/Dreyfoos audition coach, I wanted to share some last minute audition tips, that will help your child have a confident, successful audition! By the way, there's still time to get some last minute prep this coming Monday, January 21 at our last minute Bak/Dreyfoos Audition Bootcamp sessions or sign up for a private coaching session or two!

1. Make sure your child get a good night's sleep two nights before their audition day. Fatigue from lack of sleep occurs the second day after sleep deprivation occurs, so this is really important. IE if their audition is Saturday, its early to bed Thursday and Friday night.

2. Eat a good protein meal two hours before your audition, but no later than that. Your stomach does not digest food when you have adrenaline in your system.

3. If you are bringing a speech or music with you put it in a sheet protector and just hand it in, in the sheet protector. This will keep your material clean and in good shape, and make it easier to carry around with you


4. Have your student wear a basic watch to their audition so they can keep track of any timed audition activities wiithout having to rely on a wall clock or any one else.

5. If possible, I recommend staying home from school, if your audition is on a school day. This will mitigate any stress that could come up during the school day, and keep your child focused on their audition. Audition day should be an easy, stress-free day.

6. Be sure to practice your audition in the clothing and shoes your child plans to wear to the audition. Be sure to wear clothing that fits snugly, does not tempt the child to tug or pull or adjust the clothing, and that they feel great wearing.

For a really great last minute preparation don't forget to sign up for our Last Minute Audition Prep Bootcamp on 1/21 (no school that day).

If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email, or call me at (561) 270-5808.


Melissa Boher Jacobson

Confident Performance Coaching

Awesome Kid Auditions

South Florida Singing Lessons

(561) 270-5808

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