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It's Never too Late to Sing Again


Over the years, I have had several opportunities to work with singers, actors and public speakers of all ages. I recently had a delightful experience of working with a beautiful singer, whose life in the last several years, had steered her away from singing and music.


Now 76 years of age, she still yearned to sing, but felt insecure that she should do so, having been away from it for several years. Her niece insisted that she join her in the studio this week and gifted her with a few minutes of her own lesson. Within a short time, she began to see that it was not too late to jumpstart her voice again. All she needed was some reminders about solid vocal technique and reassurance that even if you haven't used for voice for a while, the muscles are resilient.


Over time, you can regain your strength, and more importantly, the indescribable joy that comes from the miracle of singing, and the satisfaction that comes from finding your confidence.


Do you or someone in your life long to sing? Why not give yourself or someone you love the gift of song? Singing brings health, happiness and confidence into your life, and makes a wonderful gift! It's also a wonderful way to bring joy into the lives of others by sharing your music. It's never too late to sing!

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