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Transformational Coaching Empowers College Auditions!

I’d like to introduce you to my extraordinary client Yuna Gao.

Yuna came to the US from China at 15. She had never met an American and didnt speak a word of English, but her family wanted her to go to school here in the States.

She flew here alone, and went to a boarding school. She not only adjusted and learned to speak English through pure will and determination, she discovered a new passion, singing.

She knew in her heart she was a singer, but she had no training, experience, or confidence.

A year and a half ago, I received a call from Yuna’s uncle, who asked me if It was possible for me to train someone who had never really performed or sung in public to audition to be a vocal major. He was somewhat dubious, especially because he was really concerned about Yuna’s lack of CONFIDENCE.As he attended coachings with her, he slowly he became more and more convinced that Yuna’s heart was right.

Through a series of weekly lessons, life, and confidence coaching sessions with me, Yuna grew as a singer, performer and a confident person.

Last Saturday, Yuna did her first college audition as a Voice Major at UF! I was honored to be in attendance, and was able to watch and listen from the door. She so exceeded my expectations, I was BLOWN AWAY.

I also prepared Yuna for the required interview for the program. It went so well, the professor left the interview room to come find us to tell us how impressed she was with Yuna’s interview!

When I asked Yuna what she would change about her audition on the ride home, she said “Nothing. I felt so CONFIDENT and prepared. Im just really proud of myself. I feel like although I dont have as much experiemce as the other singers, my voice is unique, and I showed them my potential!”

This is what transformational coaching is all about. This is why I love what I do and I say it is my life’s work. There is NOTHING more satisfying than empowering someone to transform from shyness and insecurity to confidence and ownership of who they are as a performer and a person!

Would you or someone you know or love like to make the journey to the true you, the confident you that lives up to the REAL POTENTIAL they know is inside? I’d love to help you get there! Call or text me at (561) 270-5808 for a free discovery call to find out how we can work together!

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