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Raising Healthy and Confident Kids

Although many people know me as a vocal and audition coach, there is an amazing fringe benefit that comes along with my coaching. Almost every single student that comes through my door, leaves saying they feel much more confident than when they arrived.

This goes for all of my students and clients, however, I'm especially thrilled to hear it from my younger students, who often have a lot of self-doubt to contend with.

Since I'm so addicted to creating what I call my "Confidence Monsters," I'm always concerned when I see something that threatens their self-worth or confidence. I'm writing this today to make people aware of a trend I believe may be this kind of threat.

Many of the families I work with seem to be dealing with a lot of stress over what they perceive as the necessity to prepare their youngsters for a competitive society.

While I understand the desire to strive to prepare your children for a successful future, I have been noticing a disturbing trend in my vocal and audition preparation studio.

Several of my 5th grade students have mentioned that they feel pressure to do well so that they can "get into a good college."

I have heard from several of my students that some 5th grade teachers are already talking to their students about this. Children are taking this information to heart and are stressing about it.

I see the stress in their faces and bodies, already building. These children are nine and ten years of age. I worry that these children are already feeling pressure at an age when they should be enjoying their one chance at childhood.

Worrying at the age of 10 what college you may go to is counter-productive at best and potentially harmful at worst.

It may be a good idea to check in with your children and make sure they understand that there is plenty of time to think about college. They may be suffering unnecessarily because they have somehow gotten a message that the grades they are getting now will affect their chances of getting into a college 8 years from now!

Of course, going to a great college can open many doors. There are also many examples of people who have been extremely successful in their lives, who have gone to a state or local college.

Regardless of where people go to college, the most important thing we can do for our young children is to support them in feeling truly good about themselves from the inside out. A healthy, happy childhood is one of the best ways we can help our children have future health and life success.

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