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Many Famous Singers Have Had to Have Vocal Surgery - Don't Let it Happen to You!

I am constantly reminding my students how important it is to consistently study and practice vocal anatomy, proper vocal hygiene and technique to keep their voices healthy, strong and resilient for a life time. No one should have to endure the pain of surgery if they are properly taught and practice correctly, consistently and diligently. There are many famous stars who have paid a hefty price for not taking proper care of their delicate vocal folds. I recently read an excellent Billboard article by Carolina Buia and Hannah Morrill (you can read it at several of our favorite artists, including Adele, Patti Lupone, Sam Smith, Kristina Perry, Keith Urban and more have had to resort to surgery to save their voices and careers. This is definitely the last thing you want to endure, and you will never have to if you learn to properly take care of your precious and delicate instrument. Click Here to Schedule Your Free Vocal Assessment With Melissa for A Lifetime of Beautiful Healthy Singing!

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